Elevate Your Workplace

“No matter the size of your business, company culture is something that can make or break it’s success. For startups and established businesses alike, a high-performing company culture translates into happy employees, a productive and engaging work environment, fluid communication and more.” -entrepreneur.com

At Elevate, we understand the corporate world... the inter-departmental morale and engagement struggles. We were those people.

Most employees spend more time at work than at home…and people need to be connected, energized, motivated, etc while at the workplace.

This is where understanding the power of wellness and it’s direct impact on productivity and profitability becomes transformative:

Corporate profitability rises with greater worker productivity and lower costs;

Healthier employees are (a) more likely to be productive because of greater energy levels and higher self-esteem, and (b) will cost the company less money by virtue of fewer sick days, lower absenteeism, and reduced health care costs.

Therefore, encouraging employees to be healthier should boost their productivity, lower costs, and thereby enhance corporate profitability.

Two of the greatest challenges facing managers at companies throughout the world are:

a)  How do we motivate our employees to provide their max level of effort?

b)  How do we break down inter-office barriers so as to enhance the level of community and teamwork within an organization?

This is where Elevate Your Workplace excels at simultaneously addressing corporate issues associated with employee effort, engagement, and interaction.

On paper, offering deep discounts on gym memberships and hosting “health and wellness” fairs may seem like a good way to boost morale and keep employees healthy.

The problem is these tactics don’t work.  They do nothing to address the underlying issues and challenges of creating positive changes in the culture of the workplace.

Wellness fairs don’t change behavior or connect people on a deeper level.

The dynamic power our program has for team building, camaraderie, productivity and overall happiness of an individual is second to none.

Quite simply, it builds better and happier people.

There-in lies the power of what we do. It goes beyond fitness and diet…. It nourishes the mind, body and soul. It’s about taking your health and happiness in your own hands and improving in every aspect of life.

Imagine an entire workforce of highly motivated, healthy and engaged people. Imagine a marketing department being able to relate to the sales department or the finance department through a common interest - health and happiness. Some of those communication barriers broken down allowing for a friendlier and more synergistic workplace.

With a little bit of effort and partnership with Elevate Your Workplace, your business can check the box next to “healthy employees and productive workplace”



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