Elevate Weightlifting is a full-time, dedicated program for learning and developing the olympic lifts (snatch & clean and jerk).  We offer training plans and coaching ranging from 3 to 5 training sessions per week. The plan and frequency will depend on your needs, level of experience and whether weightlifting is a compliment to your other fitness routine or sport.

How To Start

Beginner: if you are completely new to weightlifting (specifically the snatch/clean & jerk movements), you will complete a series of one-on-one coaching sessions before starting a 6 week beginner’s program.

Experienced: maybe you have done weightlifting in the past or in the context of a CrossFit routine. Schedule a time to come in for an intro session so we can get to know your goals and ability level. This will determine if you are ready to begin our Team Program or not.

How It Works

Elevate has a USAW sanctioned club (St. Pete Barbell Club) that operates separately from our group fitness class structure. That means our barbell club has its own designated training area, equipment, and coaches. This allows our weightlifters to train at flexible times to fit their schedules and still receive hands-on coaching and feedback.

The majority of our weightlifting club follows our Team Program to encourage a supportive and competitive environment. This is geared towards full-time training (5 days per week) and preparing for competitions throughout the year. Competing is not required, but it is encouraged.

There are also options for part-time training plans for those using weightlifting to compliment a CrossFit routine or sports performance.

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