Alexa Noel

I have been at Elevate for a little under a year and I absolutely love it. What sets Elevate apart from other gyms I have seen is the caliber of coaches. They are knowledgeable and sincerely care about your health and success.  

The coaching does not stop after the one hour workout, they are constantly providing resources to help improve your nutrition, sleep, and even how to work on getting specific movements for the first time.




Stephanie Sterrett

Moved to St. Pete about a year ago and when I started researching CrossFit gyms I was immediately drawn to Elevate.  Dropped in one Saturday and knew this was the gym for me.  I had been CrossFitting for several years before moving to Florida, but I have to say I have seen dramatic improvements in my abilities/skills since joining Elevate.

The coaches are very knowledgeable and truly practice what they preach.  The gym has a great sense of community and I've made some really great friends in the year that I've been there.I would encourage new people to the area or people new to CrossFit to come check out Elevate.  You won't be disappointed!




Greg Price

I can't say enough about this gym. The owners and trainers really focus on creating relationships with all of their members and helping them achieve their goals. There is a real sense of community here.  

In contrast to other CrossFit boxes I've been to, this one is extremely friendly and accessible to people of all experience and fitness levels.