Welcome to The 6 Week Challenge! A 6-Week fitness and body composition challenge: Over the course of 6 weeks, Elevate will help you build a healthy foundation and put you on the path to revealing your best body. Learn what to eat, how much to eat, how often to eat and more to lose fat, get strong, burn more calories and feel great. This program is open to ANYONE - you do NOT have to be a member of Elevate to participate.


Here is what this 6 week program includes:

- Body Composition Testing (body fat % and muscle mass) before and after
- Customized eating plan tailored to your needs and goals

-Full time accountability coaching
- Workouts designed to help you lose fat, gain muscle and develop muscle tone
- Expert trainers to show you how to perform exercises correctly
-Private Facebook group for all participants to engage with and support each other
- In-person Nutrition Workshop.