Creating your perfect workout routine with Elevate's LIFT, SWEAT, and FLOW options

Unlike many other gyms that offer a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, Elevate gives you the power of choosing how you want to pursue YOUR FITNESS.

Do you love getting your heart rate up and getting in a daily sweat?

Do you prefer to lift weights and not run around or do burpees?

Do you like being proactive in keeping your body healthy and maintained with some flexibility work?


Elevate has been innovating and evolving group fitness services in St. Petersburg since 2013. We've worked with hundreds of people and constantly strive to provide the best opportunities for our members to pursue exercise and fitness in the ways they enjoy the most.

This is why we offer 3 methods of group fitness: LIFT, SWEAT, AND FLOW. You have the options to stick with one of them, blend a couple, or rotate all three. This allows you to tailor our amazing group programs to your personal goals! There's no need to go all over town to get what you want. It's all right here! (Did we mention we offer Nutrition Coaching and Personalized Training options as well?)

Get the run-down on SWEAT, LIFT, and FLOW to learn more about these programs.

Feeling like you are stuck in a plateau with your current routine? Reach out to us at to schedule a free consult about how Elevate can evolve your fitness journey!

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