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Group Fitness

Elevate does group fitness like you’ve never seen it before. Our fitness experts lead you every step of the way to keep you learning, thriving, and safe. Feel confident in an encouraging environment around people who want you to succeed, day in and day out.

The downside of group fitness has always been the lack of customization for each individual to achieve their unique goal. At Elevate, our 2-track system gives you the opportunity to pursue the things that will make YOU better, whether it is losing body fat, learning how to become stronger or performing at your highest potential.

No fitness experience is required. We just ask that you are willing to commit to giving us your best effort, each and every day.

What are tracks?

Within our group fitness classes, you have two options to choose from that are 100% based on your personal goals. These options are referred to as tracks. Change things up from day-to-day, monthly, or seasonally. We’ll help you determine the right combination to succeed!

Body Track

This is your path to a leaner, healthier, stronger body. The Body track is the quickest way to lose body fat and gain a bulletproof foundation of fitness. Anyone looking to start or improve their fitness routine can benefit from the Body track. You’ll find a different challenge everyday with this perfect blend of strength and cardio.

Sport Track

If you want to train like an athlete, acquire some high levels skills and compete with yourself and others daily then Sport is for you. Once the foundation of fitness is solid, Sport is an opportunity to raise the intensity and test yourself on a regular basis. While you can still achieve some great aesthetic results with this track, the focus is primarily on performance. Sport certainly requires a dedication to the small things and regularly addressing your weaknesses.

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