“Am I too out of shape to start CrossFit?”

It is a common misconception that you need to be in shape before starting a crossfit program. If you have to be in shape to START exercising, how would anyone ever get there? Our goal here is constant progression. Everyone has a different starting point and we specialize in helping the beginner, even if that means starting with the basics. We also offer one-on-one training sessions for those who are not inclined to participate in group classes.

“How do the classes work and what is the schedule?”

Elevate classes run Monday through Saturday. The full schedule can be viewed HERE. Each class starts with a group warm-up to prime you for the movements we are doing that day. Next, we will get into the strength portion of class. We'll also usually cover a specific skill to keep the learning process going. Lastly, we'll end with a conditioning session which varies daily. Coaches will be there to instruct and explain what we are doing from start to finish.

“How do I go about getting started? I’d like to try CrossFit.”

Elevate offers a FREE INTRO SESSION for anyone looking to see what our program is all about. This gives us time to get to know you on a personal level, discuss your goals and set a path to achieving them. 

“Ok, I love it! What’s next after the free intro?”

To get you acclimated to how our classes run and start developing your lifts/movements, you will spend a minimum of 3 sessions. to learn more, click here " Elevate Basics. "

“I have an existing injury. Can I still participate in CrossFit training?”

Most likely, the answer is yes. Many of our members came to us with existing injuries and we can teach you how to work around those issues, while working towards strengthening and correcting the issue. You should always get an opinion from a professional when considering a new workout regimen. If you want a second opinion, Elevate has partnered with a practitioner of Integrative Diagnosis (specializing in soft tissue dysfunction) named Dr. Matt Maggio. 

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