Elevate Yourself CrossFit

You're ready to Elevate your CrossFit, but you have questions...Here's what you can expect from our CrossFit Program.


What is CrossFit?

A full-body approach to fitness. Elevate Yourself CrossFit brings you a well-rounded way to become stronger, healthier, and ready for any scenario that life brings you. Everyday is a different challenge to cure even the worst case of “workout-A.D.D.” If you seek challenge and want workouts of the high-intensity variety, this is your jam. 


Experienced at CrossFit?

Are you new to the area or just visiting? If you've been doing CrossFit for awhile now and know your way around the box, feel free to drop in by clicking the button below.

New to CrossFit?

Don’t have much experience? No problem. Anyone without CrossFit experience will first go through our beginners course "Elevate Basics" before joining into our CrossFit family.

Get the body you always wanted! 

Lose weight, build strength, crush goals, get fit, kick a** and feel good! Everyone's goals are different, but whatever that goal is, we'll be there every step of the way. #GETELEVATED with us and experience a one of a kind culture and be a part of one hell of a community! 

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Fitness that fits into your life.

No more time consuming workouts! Our classes are one hour in duration and our experienced coaching staff will Elevate your fitness every step of the way.  This performance-driven exercise program will have you training like an athlete in a safe, encouraging and beginner friendly environment. It is the perfect recipe for a more defined and leaner body. 


Is CrossFit Safe?

No matter your current fitness level, Elevate's CrossFit program focuses on functional movements coached by a knowledgable, fun, and attentive staff. Long story short, we'll make sure you are safe and to make sure you get back home in one piece. 


Get Started Today

Get started with a free 1-on-1 introduction where you can meet with a coach to discuss your goals, learn about our programs and get a tour of Elevation Nation. You'll leave with a clear plan on how we can help Elevate your fitness today! 



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