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What you may know:

CrossFit is an exercise methodology based on a large variety of functional movements performed at a high intensity. Following this method is one of the best ways to achieve an athletic body, lose fat, gain better strength levels, and perform like never before.

What you don’t know:

You’ll be challenged in ways you never thought possible and have fun doing so. CrossFit requires practice and commitment to acquire new skills on a regular basis. You will set and achieve goals that you never knew existed, while being accepted into an encouraging community of like-minded people from all different backgrounds.

There are no minimum fitness requirements and no ceilings on your potential.

Why Elevate is different:

Elevate's brand of CrossFit is centered around the idea of general fitness and longevity. We have a sliding scale of experience levels within every class, from the complete novice to the experienced athlete. The coaches at Elevate are 100% in your corner to modify workouts and progress you at a pace that is appropriate for YOU. Let us Elevate your fitness.



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